Alita: Battle Angel a film adaptation of Yukito Kishiro’s manga (Japanese graphic novel) titled Battle Angel Alita. Does this motion picture find its appeal with its visually sci-fi or have a good material in film to match our expectation?


Robert Rodriguez


Robert Rodriguez, Laeta Kalogridis

Date Released



Romance, Action, Sci-Fi


Dr. IdoChristoph



SalazarHugoKeean Johnson


It’s 2563, and the war known as “The Fall” was over 300 years ago. During that war, colonies of Mars attacked Earth and destroyed nearly every sky city but one. Leaving a clear cut line between the rich who remain in the sky and those who live in the Iron City who support their lifestyle and riches. One of the people who used to live the high life is Dr. Ido. He did with his wife Chiren, and their daughter. However, things happened, and before Dr. Ido knew it, he lost both his daughter and wife?

Yet, rather than fight his way back into the sky, leave what the Iron City holds behind, he decided to start a new life. He’d use his training as a doctor to support the people and other skills he has gained to finance his clinic. But, then one day, while out scavenging, he comes across a part cyborg being. She remembers nothing of her past and all we know is that she came from the city in the sky. Then, when analyzed Dr. Ido realizes she is something special and decides to name her Alita.


As to be expected, the overall technical presentation of Battle Angel is quite impressive and is definitely a fantastic visual appealing motion picture that’s worth for any blockbuster movies.Details of body movement, facial expressions, and various landscapes were amazing due to good CGI effect.All the others presentation feature like including production designs, set decorations, and costume designs are also good as well, as well as our main female character shown as a BADASS and ADVENTEROUS.

Now weak part of movie is story line its too much narative unnecassry story characters too much weak plot lines no character development of other character except ALITA not even DR character or his Friend character development shown. There are many plot holes director and writer can make movie more interesting. Their was rumor that james cameron was planning to direct this movie but due to some change in plans he didnt direct. There were too much minor characters and focus on them instead of main characters and i dont know why these type of good visual movies lacks many times in story lines but visuals of these movies are great sometime only visual and storyline are better like u must be know about AVENEGERS END GAME all time high grossing movie with good visual and story line. I can say that marvel movies are best in these two things they are like all time legends. I am thinking if JAMES CAMERON directed it may be this film can be much better with everything unfortunately he didnt direct it.


A story of a BADASS FEMALE ,still do fulfillment for human purpose which wrapped up with full science fiction fighting scenes of cyborgs, futuristic weapons, and a very cool CGI effect of setting in the movie Alita: Battle Angel.

But the problem is film didnt give much time too main character standalone time or development and other main characters too i think if these were done properly film would be a successful. I still think the film has a decent effort of being entertaining and appealing. Still lets hope for ALITA BATTLE 2 may be in 2 part movie will be good and have better story line and character development and good standalone time too our FEMALE BADASS character. I still give this movie 3 out of 5 still its watchable and entertaining especially in 4DX or 3D cinemas.

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