Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) Review

Spider-Man: Homecoming last time was very fantastic and huge success on box office for the marvel universe. to star in his own standalone feature film within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Actor Tom Holland debuted back in Captain America: Civil War, acting as a large cameo appearance, before home coming standalone movie all eyes were on seeing Holland’s Peter Parker. In Civil War nobody expected their will be a Spiderman in MCU. Spider-Man: Homecoming, which was directed by Jon Watts, to be a spectacular cinematic movie given by him and for the character and the performance by both Holland and actor Michael Keaton. Now, after appearing in the Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers. Jon Watts is ready to set launch new movie of Spiderman Far Home. Will this movie will win our hearts and match too our expectation ?


Story revolves after the events of Avengers: Endgame, the world is recovering from “The Blip”, and Blip means to Thanos created by snapping finger which made everyone disappear. Now Peter Parker is trying to returning to normal life as usual, even though those returning are the same age as they were five years ago (of which when they disappeared).

One such person is the character of Peter Parker (Tom Holland), quickly returning to his normal day of a high school teenager as well as his superhero Spider-Man, Now Peter looks forward to a two-week summer vacation in Europe, with fellow “Blip” classmates, including Ned (Jacob Batalon) and MJ (Zendaya). While there, Peter plans to express his true feelings to MJ, only she’s being pursed by Brad (Remy Hii), a handsome rival classmate of his. Unfortunately, Peter doesn’t have time for romance or confess feelings to her love MJ.

As Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) appears, and gives mission to Spidey and telling him their is a monster on our planet which is dangerous threat on man kind known as “ELEMENTALS“. Quentin Beck (Jake Gyllenhaal) as a Mysterio, a new multiverse superhero being from another Earth, trying to save world from Elementals. Nick Fury wants Peter to decide more time to normal life or Spider man because with big power their comes more responsibility. So later on peter decides and start working with Nick and Mysterio and destroy Elementals in Europe. After sometime Peter knows truth about Mysterio that he is a fake hero all accidents and destruction are cause by him. He uses some kind of far advanced technology known as hologram and makes public idiot and becomes hero in front of Public. Later on Spider gets traps of Mysterio and lost fight will Mysterio because Beck knows that Spidey now that iam making public idiot. After sometime Spidey again comes back with gear up with new suit and saves everyone and do fight with Mysterio. later on he wins and made Nick and public that he is a fraud hero first do destruction by himself and then pretend to be hero.

Also important thing Peter by mistake gave his stark glasses to Mysterio that he is the one who will be next iron man. But it was late after finding out that he is fraud just using him. Spidey again wins the heart of public in last and got back glasses of stark and saves the day and confess feelings to MJ. And at the end of the day everything goes well even MJ also accepts her proposal. After some day Mysterio again appear on tv screen and in news told spider man tries to kill me and most important he told that Spiderman is Peter Parker. So it is a big trouble for him now. This is how story end

Will their will be next Spiderman?

Because Sony has cancelled deal with MCU. Will be able to see Tom Holland playing as a Peter Parker and will be story of movie will continue from their. It so sad Sony cancelled deal even its not fault of Disney. Because Disney never wants deal cancel with MCU. Lets we can hope only and see will their will be a good Spiderman movie or not.


Spider-Man Far from Home is an entertaining love romance and fighting with Elementals. Personally, I liked the movie and it is much more better movie then Home coming Spiderman. It has new feature inside like new SpiderMan suit and good vfx and friendly story and funny being of Tom Holland and sometime he gets emotional also in movie. Even Villian is also interesting and I personally likes how he make fool and do Magic like Dr Strange may be you can say it is similar to him. I will highly Recommend to watch this Movie and i will give this movie 8.5/10.

Directed byJon Watts
Produced by Kevin Feige Amy Pascal
Written by Chris McKenna Erik Sommers
Based onSpider-Man
by Stan LeeSteve Ditko
Starring Tom Holland Samuel L. Jackson Zendaya Cobie Smulders Jon Favreau J. B. Smoove Jacob Batalon Martin Starr Marisa Tomei Jake Gyllenhaal
Music byMichael Giacchino
CinematographyMatthew J. Lloyd
Edited by Dan Lebental Leigh Folsom-Boyd
Columbia Pictures Marvel Studios Pascal Pictures
Distributed bySony Pictures Releasing
Release date June 26, 2019 (Hollywood) July 2, 2019 (United States)
Running time129 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$160 million
Box office$1.128 billion

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