Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice Game (2019) Review

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the latest game from Dark Souls developers. It’s set in a fantasy vision of Sengoku Japan, in the middle of a conflict between the Ashina and Hirata clans. You play a rogue shinobi called Sekiro—the one-armed wolf—charged with protecting a young lord who has the coveted power to defy death. It’s more of an action game than an RPG. You pick up new prosthetic arms and learn new combat techniques, and even put skill points into a few upgrade trees. Don’t expect to be fiddling with armour stats: this is a game about brief, deadly battles in an age of kunai and katanas.


Story revolves around ancient japan when samurai use to fight for throne. Starting of game we see their is a fight between two people. After that one person dies and other says General Tamura is no more. After finishing the Battle Master owl sees a child and after seeing this master makes him student and calls him lone wolf.

Story now takes after 20 years when child gets adult now. Master told Sekiro that u need to find young Lord. After finding him he escapes with young Lord but in between a dangerous warrior comes. Our wolf fights with him but he losses match and also lost his hand. And that dangerous warrior takes away young lord too. After sometime when his eyes open he find himself somewhere else in the temple and he sees someone repair my arm and notice that their is a man. Man told him I am the one who saved you and repair your hand. Man says you must need to win and change everything.

After that wolf finds path and travel back to old master. After finding master he sees all the houses are burn in his village but master notice him and gives him a key of mansion to save young lord. Master says to wolf that now young lord is your everything you need to protect your lord, and master dies. After he meets up a friend and plan to attack with him to mansion. And both of them fights samurai in mansion but in last wolf friend get badly injured. And his friend told that our enemy so much strong that they have done some illusion magic on young lord. And to save young lord is impossible.

Their is one last chance to save lord you need to use snap seed. Later he finds out lord but he was in no more in his senses. Wolf tries to help lord but he failed and suddenly a women appear by the name of Butterfly and she says u cant take lord u need to first kill me. Wolf and lady fights and wolf kills her but suddenly a man stabs in his stomach and wolf starting losses his senses. Suddenly lord regain senses and says to wolf I am here for u and your are so much loyal worrior . I will not let you die take my blood.

After that wolf gets back in senses and alive and finds himself in temple with a Monk. And in this scene we know that lord divine blood is magical. By lord Devine blood enemies want to make a immortal army. Again wolf gets back to mission and kills lots of master and samurai. And later we find in a scene Lord Genichiro makes offer to Lord Divine to be with him but lord divine says no to him. And Genichiro is the dangerous samurai who almost killed Sekiro. After sometime wold finds Genichiro and Lord divine and fights with him and kills him this time. After winning wold talks to lord but suddenly Genichiro regains his senses and run away. Lord and wolf makes a deal we will finish all evil from earth.

And wolf again goes to journey and finds grandfather of Genichiro where his grandfather told, I want you kill my son because he is no more humanity left inside him. And he told to wolf if u need to kill him you need to find mortal blade first then you can have a chance of killing him easily.

He again travels to search of mortal blade and for that he fights with big monsters, samurai and monks to enter in temple where he finish the illusion. After wolf finds out a good monk he told if u want to finish all the illusion technique you need to defeat 3 monkeys. 1 monkey cant see but have good senses of hearing and 2 one cant listen but he has a sharpness in his eyes and last but not the least he cant speak but he can see and listen you. So wolf defeats monkeys and finishes all illusion and gets in real temple and finds out their a monk (young girl). She says nobody ever able to take blade. Wolf says I will take it and then suddenly he touches and dies. But wolf was cursed by dragon heritage and alive again and takes blade back to young Lord. After monk tells her to save village from evil.

Where wolf kills all evil guys and suddenly he notice that his old master is alive and asking forcefully blood from Lord divine. Here comes a choice question in game you need to choose whom u wanna kill master or Divine. So, I choose master and kills him and divine takes to temple and where lord makes blade more stronger by his magic.

After he goes to last mission and kills dragon and takes his eyes. And he goes to temple and finds out lord Egine dies because of disease. Wolf finds out that lord got injured by Genichiro and wolf gets in angry mood and kills him and later he gives dragon tear to lord Divine and wolf kills himself to save his lord. And in the end we see Lord and one other person doing prayer on Sekiro cementry.

My Personal Thoughts

I think Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice game launch by dark souls developer is a very nice game and very good graphics and in this game we shown how A warrior name Sekiro is so much loyal to his lord and protects his Lord from everyone. Even in the last he gives his life for Lord to save him. Japanese culture is shown in this game very beautifully. And how much they are so much respectful to their laws and order. Game developer thinking is good even the direction of game in ancient culture of Japanese shown very nicely. I think Japanese is not only popular for anime also but for games now.

Creater of game has given nice visual and graphics are so realistic and story is so sad and emotional too. Even story is not complicated and very decent plot shown.

May be in future we will see part 2 of this game because this game was ended in this part only. May be their can be different story. Lets hope we will learn more about Japanese culture from games.

I personally like a lot Japanese related anime, games and samurai especially their sword. You can find this game combat style like a Prince of Persia. But still it is a different game with different benefits. And as we know we have many famous Japanese games like Devil May Cry and Jump Force and many more. Those Japanese games are made so nicely and with realistic graphics. These are only my opinions on game.


And there you have it, how to get all four Sekiro endings, minus the small inconvenience of actually having to beat the various bosses you’ll encounter along the way.The different Sekiro endings can also have an impact on the length of the game and which bosses you fight.

So, it isn’t just a matter of getting a different cutscene or trophy at the end of the game. It makes for a genuinely different experience depending on which ending you go for, so it is worth trying to get them all. Though, just completing the game once is a pretty titanic accomplishment, so we hold it against you if you just want to stick to the one playthrough. The good news is we have a guide for you covering how to get all four finales, so follow along closely. I will highly recommend this game to play. And I will rate this game 9/10. And this game is also available in Windows Xbox One and PlayStation.

Developer(s)From Software
Publisher(s)ActivisionJP: From Software
Director(s)Hidetaka MiyazakiKazuhiro Hamatani
Producer(s)Yuzo KojimaTakahiro Yamamoto
Designer(s)Masaru YamamuraYuki Fukuda
Programmer(s)Yoshitaka Suzuki
Composer(s)Yuka Kitamura
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows PlayStation 4Xbox One
Release22 March 2019

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