Dabbe 4 or in Turkish it is also called Dabbe Cin Carpmasi (Dabbe;The Curse of the JINN). It is a disturbing, unsettling and chilling movie. It is a one of the best horror film. There is a interesting and good build up.. of the story and the tension ! The story is about all secrets behind the jinn exorcism and jinn possession.Basically Jinns are came from Islamic things in Muslim religion. Its not important that You believe or not to the Jinn, you will get goosebumps especially watching at night. The storyline is unique and makes you think, about the jinns. The jinns are most terrifying unknown beings in the World. Strange and slow storyline mixed with The mystery and unknown elements of old Anatolian chilling tales. Actually It’s not your typical American horror with good looking teens etc! Definitely the best Turkish horror I’ve seen in ages, and I’m hard to please when it comes to scary films, it’s clever, very chilling and very jumpy indeed, go ahead and watch it, just sleep with the lights on!


Ebru (Irmak Örnek) is a psychiatrist with an interest in alleged cases of possession. She documents exorcist Faruk at work but remains skeptical. She suggests he try to exorcise her friend Kubra. She allegedly was possessed on her wedding night and stabbed her husband to death.

Things initially go well but then take a turn for the worst. It seems Kübra’s condition is somehow connected to Kıbledere, a nearby cursed and abandoned village. Things are a lot worse than anyone could imagine.


Story revolves around in first scene we heard call recording. Investigation officer do questioning to Dr Mr Ehran that in 16 august 1986 why did not you tell everyone about it. The case is about Kibledre Village. In that village everyone got kills in horrifying way. He tells that now to officer my friend use to live back in days her name is Dr Ebru and she recorded everything in camera and told police to go and meet her and ask her from and after that phone call cuts.

And now real Dabbe starts scene stars from Dr recording video and we see that Dr Faruk do treatment of a women. We know about that women is possed by a Jinn and Ebru was recording video for research purpose in university. In next scene we seen that Farooq cures that women and we see from her mouth a big amulet got out from her mouth. And that shows sign of she was possed with a black magic and Faruk cured her for now. Now Dr Ebru interogate Dr Faruk about jinns, she was doing for university purpose and even Dr Ebru never believes there are any Jinns in world, because she is from science background and science or Doctor background not believe in these ghost things. She asks her why you cover lady from blanket because she believes its a fraud business of doing black magic. After that Faruk tells i cover her from blanket because Jinn leaves body of any person in dark only. Basically Dr ebru wants Dr Farook do treatment on her patient because, she wanna see he is real or fake person. After that lots of question was asked from Dr Faruk. And faruk told how Jinns are destroyed and came in human worlds.

After that both of them travel to Kıbledere Village to help her old friend Kübra from Jinn possesion and finally both of them they arrive to her home and family members got angry on why they are doing video recording on a serious situation. And the meet family members and Dr Ebru do set up of camera in her house to see Jinn movement its like (ED and lorren doing investigation in english movie Conjring universe) lets back to story Dr Faruk do ask every family members about how Kubra started getting posses and family members tell them whole story etc.

Esra one of her family members says Kubra acting weird from her night of marriage she shows some recording from Kubra marriage. In video we see horrifying scene that Kubra kills his husband night of wedding with a knife stabbing to his death. It shows Kubra is possessed from Jinn. Esra told that we put some eye symbol to protect our family from Jinn. But Faruk told him that eye not protect you it makes entry of Jinns in house. And immediately Faruk removes the eye from her house and throws away and he says we have less time need to exorcism now.

After that sometime she got possessed again and she try to kill her one family member Fatma and she got badly injured by her, When she was stabbing fatma she was saying 7 months and 75 saying and tries to kill her. He tells that his brother wants to kill Kubra because she was born as a child of Jinn but i got sympathize to child and i push away him but he fell down so badly he died because of me. Later we know Dr Ebru was also part of her family they want Kubra Jinn. it possesed that they can have everything of her money and land etc. So all plan was of sera and Refrika and kubra ran away. And in last we know that police was finding them and mother of Dr Ebru never game statement about how was she. This is story how ends the main plan was setup to possessed Dr Ebru from starting. It was a true real based incident story.

My Personal Believes

Dabbe: The Possession is not going to be for everyone. It’s found footage with a fair amount of shaky cam footage. That’s one of my big objections to found footage and it was getting on my nerves at times here. The film is also over two hours long and subtitled, both of which can also be turn-offs for some people.

Dabbe The Possession (1)

If you can get past that, however, Dabbe: The Possession is worth your time. The story builds nicely with some effectively unsettling moments as Faruk’s efforts are repeatedly defeated by the Djinn. There’s also a very creepy night sequence in the abandoned town. And the ending is effectively batshit, complete with cards explaining what happened afterward. Granted quite a bit of it shouldn’t have been able to be recorded by the leads, but overlooking that seems to be part of being a found footage fan. Althought actors acting was super and they look creepy through make up artist. I got really scared of Kubra and demonic powers shown in movie . And dont get sad their are more parts of this series. And next time i will explain you more about other horrific parts of Dabbe.

Dabbe: The Possession is available on Netflix as well as a couple of others in the franchise which I’ll be checking out in the near future. I will highly recommend this movie to watch and i will rate this movie 9/10.

Directed byHasan Karacadağ
Produced byHasan Karacadağ,
Cemal Okan
Written byHasan Karacadağ
StarringIrmak Örnek,
Cansu Kurgun,
Ali Murat Özgen,
Elçin Atamgüç,
Sultan Köroğlu Kılıç,
Sabriye Günüç,
Can Tarakçı,
Nahide Uçar,
Beren Çiftçisoy
J Plan & Toma Studios
Distributed byUIP Turkey
Release date August 2, 2013 (Turkey)
Running time145 minutes