Life is Strange 2 Game Review

Life Is Strange 2 is an episodic graphic adventure video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix. It is the second main entry of the Life Is Strange series, and was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The first episode was released in September 2018, with the other four released throughout 2019. A fifth and final episode is scheduled to be released on December 3, 2019.


Three years after the events of Life Is Strange, 16-year-old Sean Diaz witnesses his 9-year-old brother Daniel being harassed by their neighbor Brett Foster in Seattle, Washington, and intervenes. Brett is accidentally injured as a police officer arrives on the scene. The officer draws his gun, and in the confusion Sean and Daniel’s father Esteban is shot and killed as a sudden explosion destroys the street. Sean flees with Daniel as more police arrive. Now fugitives, Sean leads Daniel out of Washington on a journey to Puerto Lobos in Mexico, their father’s hometown, while hiding their father’s death from Daniel.

After spending a night in the woods outside Oregon, the brothers are recognized by the owner of a roadside convenience store, who knocks out and kidnaps Sean. Daniel frees Sean as they escape with the help of travel blogger Brody Holloway. During the escape, Daniel steals a puppy from the store and names her Mushroom. Brody leaves them at a motel a few miles from Arcadia Bay with supplies for the rest of their journey. Daniel learns of their father’s death on the news and has a meltdown that almost destroys the motel, revealing he has latent telekinesis and was inadvertently responsible for the earlier explosion. As the brothers continue south, Sean teaches Daniel to control his new powers. Daniel falls ill, forcing Sean to change course to their grandparents’ house in Beaver Creek, Oregon, just as Mushroom is killed by a cougar. The brothers reunite with their maternal grandparents, Claire and Stephen Reynolds, but when Daniel shows interest in learning about his mother Karen (who abandoned her family shortly after Daniel’s birth), Claire rebuffs them and keeps Karen’s room locked.

Daniel later witnesses the Reynolds’ neighbor Chris Eriksen falling from his treehouse and uses his power to save him. Chris, an avid superhero fan, believes he is the one with powers. Later that day, Sean and Daniel discover a recent letter from Karen expressing the desire to meet her children, leading to an argument with Claire and Stephen. The police arrive in search of Sean and Daniel, and Claire distracts them so the brothers can escape via the Eriksens’ backyard. Chris either helps them escape unnoticed, discovers that Daniel is the one with powers, or is hit by a pursuing police car. Sean and Daniel stow away on a train to California, where they reunite with Finn and Cassidy, two freighthoppers they previously encountered at a Beaver Creek Christmas market. Sean and Daniel earn money working at a marijuana farm in Humboldt County for a cultivator named Merrill. Sean spends his time with Cassidy and her friends, neglecting a frustrated Daniel as his powers continue to grow.

As the group is about to be paid, Daniel is caught sneaking into Merrill’s office, causing an angry Merrill to refuse payment for the others and fire Sean and Daniel. Daniel accidentally exposes his powers to the others while defending himself from Merrill’s henchman. While the others promise to keep it a secret, Finn suggests using Daniel to steal from Merrill. Regardless of whether Sean approves or not, the heist goes ahead. Daniel and Finn accidentally alert Merrill, who holds Sean, Daniel, Finn, and potentially Cassidy at gun-point. In the ensuing confrontation, Daniel violently loses control of his powers and destroys Merrill’s house. By the following morning, Daniel has disappeared with Merrill’s money, leaving the others – including Sean, unconscious and half-blinded by a shard of glass embedded in his left eye – behind.

Two months later, Sean wakes up from a coma in a hospital in Northern California, where he is kept for questioning by the FBI as they search for the still-missing Daniel. Sean discovers a note left in his journal by Jacob, a contact from the marijuana farm, revealing that in the aftermath of the explosion, Jacob escorted Daniel to his former home of Haven Point, Nevada. Sean escapes from custody, hotwires a hospital employee’s car, and begins the journey to Nevada. After stopping for the night, Sean is harassed and humiliated by two racist locals, but he escapes before running out of gas. Sean begins to walk the rest of the way until he is offered a lift by a friendly trucker.

Arriving in Haven Point, a commune for the cult-like Universal Uprising Church led by the charismatic Reverend Mother Lisbeth, Sean is horrified to discover Daniel being called the “Angel Daniel”, with his powers being preached as a divine gift by Lisbeth to her congregation. Sean attempts to take Daniel away, but Lisbeth has manipulated him and he refuses to leave. Church altar boy Nicholas forces Sean to leave at gunpoint. Sean is stunned to find Karen waiting outside, who had traveled to Nevada after receiving a letter from Jacob, although Sean still holds a grudge and is reluctant to trust and forgive her after she abandoned him and his brother many years ago.

Sean and Karen formulate plans to rescue Daniel from the church. The next day, Sean meets with Jacob, who wants to retrieve his ill sister, Sarah-Lee, from Lisbeth’s clutches. Sean and Jacob break into Lisbeth’s home while Karen keeps watch, where Sean learns that Lisbeth was excommunicated from her previous church for her extreme beliefs, forced Jacob to undergo gay conversion therapy, and has been preventing Sarah-Lee from receiving medical help despite a diagnosis of severe pneumonia. As Jacob escapes with Sarah-Lee, Sean and Karen storm the church to retrieve Daniel, and Nicholas attacks Sean on Lisbeth’s orders. Sean makes a heartfelt plea to Daniel, helping Daniel come to his senses and break free of Lisbeth’s control and save Sean. The fight accidentally starts a fire on the altar, and Sean, Daniel, and Karen flee the church as it burns to the ground. The reunited family finally make their way toward the Mexican border

My Persoanl Thoughts

Life is Strange 2 is an episodic story driven adventure & the game is divided into 5 episodes.
No previous game characters or settings are copied in Life is Strange 2. We have a new protagonist who is just 17. The story seems to be unfamiliar among new characters & unknown locations, but this is Life is Strange in every other way.
The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is also set in the same timeline & universe as Max & Chloe in Life is Strange. The decisions you make in Captain Spirit will shape the story of Life is Strange 2.

Life is Strange first episode was launched in 2015 & it is focused on the narrative of Max, who finds out that she can rewind time. Another game known as Life is Strange: Before the Storm was released later which is set 3 years before original Life is Strange & it revolves around the story of Chloe.
Buy the full season of Life is Strange 2 & get Arcadia Bay patch bundle which can customize your backpack.
The award winning original Life is Strange was developed by DONTNOD Entertainment. Life is Strange returns with another fresh story. Life is Strange 2’s story is focused on 2 brother, 17 years old Sean & 9 years old Daniel.

Life is Strange 2 is an episodic graphic adventure video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment & published by Square Enix. Life is Strange 2 is the 3rd game in the series.
Life is Strange 2 is playable from third person perspective. It lets you control Sean, who is escaping from the cops along with his brother. He can interact with the environment, collect objects & talk to NPCs using dialogue trees. The decisions will carry over from The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit into Life is Strange 2.

Sean finds out that it is difficult to live away from home & life on the roads is hard & he has the responsibility to take care of his younger brother Daniel. He realizes that his choices will impact their lives forever.
Life is Strange Episode 1 takes around 5 hours to complete. The story seems to be bigger & more complicated than the earlier games in the series. 

So why the new characters in Life Is Strange 2? Well there wasn’t much left to tell for the three characters from the Before the Storm (prequel to Life is Strange).

But the developers assured the audience that their goal was not to disappoint their fanbase, but to give them what they truly need, new characters with fresh storylines.

With Sean and Daniel, Life is Strange 2 is just that; they live as outsiders of society, and with these new boundaries comes moral choices for the player to decide upon.

“you have to deal with everyday problems. And don’t steal, Don’t lie, those are the basic rules. But when you are a runaway, when you have the police is chasing you, you have to say, “okay, these rules, I can break them, because for the own good of my little brother.”

In addition to this, Life is Strange 2 is a pretty basic game. But of course comes the supernatural element comes into question here.

“The supernatural element depends on the story you want to tell,” Koch (co-director) says. “So, for Life is Strange 1, the rewind power was a perfect element for Maxine, for her story and the fact that she has to become an adult.

“But in this case, we want players to discover [the supernatural element] by themselves, for sure. We wanted to have this supernatural element linked to the characters and it will, I think, present some interesting questions and difficult questions.”

Tell us, do you think Life is Strange 2 will be as good as the first game? Are you looking forward to playing it?

I will rate this gameplay 8/10.

Developer(s)Dontnod Entertainment
Publisher(s)Square Enix
Director(s)Michel KochRaoul Barbet
Writer(s)Christian DivineJean-Luc Cano
Composer(s)Jonathan Morali
EngineUnreal Engine 4
Platform(s)Microsoft WindowsPlayStation 4Xbox One
ReleaseEpisode 127 September 2018Episode 224 January 2019Episode 39 May 2019Episode 422 August 2019Episode 53 December 2019
Genre(s)Graphic adventure

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