The End of the F***ing World Season 2 TV Series Review

The End of the F***ing World is a British dark comedy-drama television programme, based on a graphic novel of the same name by Charles Forsman. The eight-part programme premiered its first episode on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom on 24 October 2017, after which all eight episodes were released on All 4. Netflix handled international distribution and released it internationally on 5 January 2018. The programme follows James (Alex Lawther), a 17-year-old who believes himself to be a psychopath, and Alyssa (Jessica Barden), a rebellious classmate who sees in James a chance to escape from her tumultuous home life. Gemma Whelan, Wunmi Mosaku, Steve Oram, Christine Bottomley, Navin Chowdhry, Barry Ward and Naomi Ackie appear in supporting roles.

The series is based on Forsman’s mini-comics The End of the Fucking World, which were collected into a book in 2013. Series creator Jonathan Entwistle contacted him about making a film, and a short was made in 2014. Instead, an eight-part serial was commissioned, with filming beginning in April 2017. It was written by Charlie Covell, and episodes were directed by Entwistle and Lucy Tcherniak. In August 2018, the programme was renewed for a second series, which premiered on Channel 4 on 4 November 2019, after which all eight episodes were released on All 4, and internationally on Netflix the next day. Covell stated before the second series’ release that she does not intend to produce a third series for the programme.

The programme has been praised for its writing, execution and subject matter, as well as for Lawther and Barden’s performances. It was nominated for the 2018 British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series.


James is a 17-year-old who believes he is a psychopath. He kills animals as a hobby, but grows bored of the practice. He decides he wants to try killing a human. He settles on Alyssa, a mouthy, rebellious 17-year-old classmate with issues of her own. She proposes they run away together, hoping for an adventure away from her turbulent home-life, and James agrees with the intention of finding an opportunity to kill her. They embark on a road trip across England, and begin to develop a relationship after a series of mishaps.


So, the story starts from not the main character it starts from New character known as Bonnie. In Episode 1 we see about Bonnie life and he is some kind of strange behavior and kind of psycho killer but the twist comes when we know he is a girlfriend of that man who tries to rape Alyssa in the first season. So she thinks James and Alyssa killed his boyfriend. Now she is out for revenge.

Now the real story starts where the story got left we see Alyssa moved with her mom to a new place because her mom had a divorce with his husband. And now Alyssa is happy and starting his new life and doing work in the cafe and even he made a new boyfriend. Now Alyssa getting married to his boyfriend suddenly before the wedding day James occurs and give a shock.

And James got hospitalized after taking a bullet and later on he got save but he lost his walking ability and later on finally learns to walk and fully recover and tries to search Alyssa.

So, now the story had a big twist now again Alyssa and James go on run and again do idiotic and psycho stuff and James have doubt that Alyssa loves me or not. Actually they both of them hiding their feelings for each other.
After sometime James and Alyssa were traveling they find out a stranger girl for lift. So, James gives a lift and you guess that girl is Bonnie all was well planned by her. So, that Bonnie can kill both of them.

After sometime James car tire got puncture so, they decide that will stay in the car till their car gets ok. After that bonnie plans to kill in the motel. But Bonnie plans to kill them and accidentally kills the motel owner in her room and she hides the body in the wardrobe. And on the next day, they again travel and go to leave Alyssa back to her place and Bonnie to her place. But in between, they left Bonnie on the medical store and James drop back to Alyssa to her home.
Scene changes and the story revolves again Bonnie comes to Alyssa and James was hiding in he cafe because he knows that now Bonnie wants to kill us for killing his boyfriend.

In the last Bonnie gets emotional after hearing truth and she tries to kill herself But James and Alyssa and save her.

After Next day Alyssa got sad and runs away thinking about that man and James tries to find her and finally finds out and in last they express feelings for each other and they got kind of a love birds in ending.

My Personal thoughts

We learn that Bonnie ended up feeling a connection with Professor Clive Koch, the man who James killed when he was caught attempting to sexually assault Alyssa. Bonnie believed they were truly in love and longed to be with him, not knowing what his true intentions were.

When the episode began telling Bonnie’s back story, I was afraid this would be a simple “exposition” story and an “easy way out” so to speak. However, I found myself dropping my jaw multiple times as more and more connections were made.

Suddenly, we all really learned about the weight Bonnie was carrying and the gravity of the impact it would have on Alyssa. Somehow, this opening episode of The End of the F***ing World was still The End of the F***ing World without Alyssa or James on-screen.

This second season is quite different from the first. It’s no longer about Alyssa and James’ crimes; it’s about Bonnie’s. In fact, this season probably has one of my most favorite scenes or moments from the series. Bonnie has Alyssa alone at the cafe she works at, and we’re expecting this to be the end for Alyssa. The two sort of “dance” around each other silently and the tension is built up even more as a police officer enters and is cautious, yet unaware of how truly dangerous the situation is.

The whole scene at the cafe is one of the most intense “action” sequences in the whole series and there’s not even one bullet fired (well there is, but in Bonnie’s imagination). I think that’s what makes it so gruesome. Bonnie was going to pull the trigger.

After Alyssa and James talked to Bonnie about what really happened with Clive, she was understandably in denial. She didn’t want to believe that he would do something like that and denied his intentions. When she went and held the gun to herself, Alyssa and James pushed her to the ground and saved her. They saved someone who wanted to kill them, and somehow undid every crime they had done before.

We were all shocked by that haunting promo of Alyssa at a diner with an urn, thinking that it was James inside. As it turns out, it was his dad’s ashes (because neither of these kids can catch a break). But this season isn’t about James. It’s about Alyssa. It’s about her having to relive that day at Clive’s house every day. It’s about her having to live with herself after that day. The end of The End of the F***ing World is the only kind of ending that would work for a pair like Alyssa and James. They do love each other, but Alyssa needs some time, and that’s okay.

One notable thing about the series is its soundtrack. Practically every moment is filled with the sound of an old rock, folk, or pop tune, from “This Would Make Me Happy” to The Kinks’ “I’m Not Like Everybody Else” to “I Lost Something in the Hills.” It gives the series a strong sense of mood, but it also feels like it’s compensating for the lack of feeling in all other aspects. There may be a lot of songs on the season-two soundtrack, but what’s missing from these eight episodes is a sense of music.

In End of the F***ing World, whose episodes are only around 20 minutes or so, there’s both a lot that happens and, at the same time, nothing at all. There’s a ton of exposition packed into each episode to help fill out what went down for Alyssa and others in the year since we saw them last, and plenty happens in Bonnie’s interaction with her alleged nemesis, too. But when the season ends, you’re left with a strong sense of, “Is that all there is?” There’s no new perspective or deeper point made by season two that wasn’t already conveyed more effectively by season one.

I will rate this TV Series 7/10.

Genre Dark comedy Comedy-drama
Based onThe End of the Fucking World
by Charles Forsman
Written byCharlie Covell
Directed by Jonathan Entwistle Lucy Tcherniak
Starring Alex Lawther Jessica Barden Gemma Whelan Wunmi Mosaku Steve Oram Christine Bottomley Navin Chowdhry Barry Ward Naomi Ackie
Composer(s)Graham Coxon
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of series2
No. of episodes16 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Ed Macdonald Murray Ferguson Andy Baker Petra Fried Dominic Buchanan Jonathan Entwistle
Producer(s)Kate Ogborn
Cinematography Justin Brown Ben Fordesman
Running time19–22 minutes
Production company(s) Clerkenwell Films Dominic Buchanan Productions
Original network Channel 4 All 4
Picture format 1080i (16:9 HDTV) 4K (Ultra HD)
Audio format Stereo 5.1
Original release24 October 2017 –
4 November 2019

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