Love, Sleep, Repeat (2019) Web Series Review

Based on author Anmol Rana’s Seven Days Without You, Love, Sleep, Repeat is another web series from ZEE5 Originals. The official trailer of this web series released on Wednesday. Here, you can watch the official trailer of Love, Sleep, Repeat web series.


ZEE5′s web series is the story set around the life of Vishwas (Anshuman Malhotra). Vishwas is the small-town and straightforward guy. He has no work experience and lives as a shelter.

But eventually, he gets a job in Metro City. Vishwas’s seven-day story shown in this series. In these seven days, he meets seven different girls who teach him a valuable lesson, which he especially needs.The story revolves around Vishwas who travels to Pune and comes across seven different girls in seven days, who teach him a lesson.”

My Personal Thoughts

It’s raining book adaptations on streaming platforms and it doesn’t seem like the trend would subside anytime soon. The latest web-original inspired by a book is Love, Sleep, Repeat, that is all set to premiere on ZEE5 soon. The book, originally titled Seven Days Without You was written by Anmol Rana. The makers had released the trailer of the original recently. From what the trailer says, the leading protagonist Vishwas is a responsible, middle-class lad living in the hills, whose destiny takes him to unexpected places and gets him to meet seven girls over a seven-day span. The girls are here to teach the boy a lesson and the trailer captures the wackiness of this theme perfectly. The original features a promising star cast with the likes of Anshuman Malhotra, Priyal Gor, Raima Sen, Priya Banerjee, Harshadaa Vijay, Teena Singh, and Puneesh Sharma. The trailer promises an interesting mix of adventure, lust, revenge. ZEE5 seems to be finally getting the consistency right with its originals. And we can’t wait to see what the original would deliver on November 7.

And I think it shows how a innocent and cute boy struggle in his life by too much friendly to people and all other people betrayes him and steals in the name of love and friendship and in last we sees he do everything rights and take revnege in sweet manner.

And in last we see he goes back to his old best friend who always show right way and helps him and he understand her value and story ends.

I will rate this Web Series 6/10.

Bhram (2019) Indian Web Series Review

Bhram is a psychological horror/thriller wherein the protagonist suffers from PTSD and traverses all kinds of extremes (paranormal, mythical, psychological) in order to unearth a long-forgotten truth. The twisted forgotten past reveals new truths and changes everything.


Based on K Hari Kumar?s book ?The Wrong Side of Her?, the series revolves around a romance novelist Alisha Khanna (Kalki Koechlin) who suffers from PTSD post the death of her husband Yash Khanna (Omkar Kapoor). Her sister Ankita Puri ((Bhumika Chawla) and her husband Peter Paul (Sanjay Suri), asks her to come over their beautiful house is Shimla for a change and rejuvenation. Haunted by her past and PTSD after effects Alisha enters the picturesque house of her sister. Soon Alisha starts seeing mysterious people and the fear of the unknown starts holding her to the brim. Rest is how Alisha travels through her trauma, a 20 year old horrifying past, searches he existence in the fact and fiction as she encounters various characters from a police inspector Rawat (Chandan Roy Sanyal), Peter?s friend and business partner Pradeep (Eijaz Khan ), Father Alfred (Satyadeep Mishra), death of a teenage girl Ayesha (Anjali Tatrari), Avtar (Vikram Kochar) and the lord of the jungle Ukara.

My Personal Thoughts

A picturesque psychological horror thriller that benefits from the vulnerably luminous Kalki Koechlin and Sangeeth Sivan?s ?possession? with the tested and trusted scare techniques. Accelerating the eerie gravity as desired from the haunted genre with an exploration of mourning and survivor’s guilt taking a decisive philosophical and psychological turns.

Sangeeth Sivan?s BHRAM ?Clicks? as it stays loyal to the rule of eye popping location and jaw dropping situations. BHRAM is better from his previous attempt in the haunted genre ? CLICK the 2010 horror starring Shreyas Talpade, CLICK was the remake of 2007 Tamil movie SIVI which in itself a remake of 2004 Thai horror film SHUTTER.

Mumbai: Actors Sanjay Suri, Kalki Koechlin and Eijaz Khan during the promotions of their upcoming web series “Bhram” in Mumbai on Oct 22, 2019. (Photo: IANS)

Ruled by Kalki Koechlin?s terrific performance BHRAM is boosted by refined and natural acts by Bhumika Chawla, Sanjay Suri, Eijaz Khan, Anjali Rawat, Chandan Roy Sanyal Satyadeep Mishra and Vikram Kocchar. Omkar Kapoor and Raj Zutshi also chip in with valuable support.

The background score by Kingshunk Chakravarty, Mahesh Sridhar production design, Shaju Chandran and Pratik Chitalia?s editing and Vidushi Tiwari, Suman Sahu and Sandeep Yadav?s cinematography blends nicely with the mysterious air that smartly mixes the Hitchkokian suspense with Shyamlan?s fear of the known/unknown.


All the tension and the conflict get seriously threatened by a delicate disclosure that makes the audience feel wanted instead of haunted. The not so satisfying closure and the unwanted ?exposure? – the escapades of Chandan Roy Sanyal is added just for providing titillation that has no direct connection with the plot. Why a psychological horror thriller should come in episodes and not as a short movie is a mystery that the makers can only answer.


If there’s someone who brings believability to the series and its sometimes-wayward narrative, it is Kalki Koechlin. Her performance conveys the sense of confusion in her while differentiating between illusion and reality. She brings an innate sincerity to the role and makes sure that you invest in the plot. However, the characterization could have explored more of her dimension as a novelist. Bhumika Chawla’s role is more of a supporting hand to the protagonist. Though the part may not do justice to her potential, she brings believability to her act. Sanjay Suri, Ejaz Khan, Satyadeep Mishra get interesting roles with the shades of grey, to which they do justice. Vikram Kocchar is a surprise choice for the role he gets to essay (not revealed, in an attempt to avoid spoilers) and he presents an unknown intense side to his repertoire, which he is quite convincing. Chandan Roy Sanyal and Omkar Kapoor have very little to do though. The younger actors playing the college students in the subplots are convincing in their brief portions.


Bhram starts as a vague thriller with a hazy plot and only comes into its element gradually. The first few episodes struggle to convey anything concrete and just before you give up hope, there’s considerable progress in the storytelling. As a novel/script, Bhram could have been a page-turner with an interesting mix of psychology, crime, and folklore. While translating onto the visual medium though, the blend isn’t quite seamless. There are intermittent flashes of brilliance but the sequences don’t quite add up the way you expect it to. There’s a parallel narrative of a two-decade-old love story gone sour that’s eerily similar to a present-day incident. Alisha firmly believes that she knows something that connects the two incidents. Her psychological issues become a roadblock to her path and suddenly, she is a prime suspect in an investigation about a series of murders in the town. The conflict is interesting but none of the subplots is affecting. The non-linear narrative contributes to the confusion. The viewer remains as confused as the protagonist about the difference between Alisha’s illusions and reality. Several sequences appear vaguely stitched together without much coherence.

What works is the suspense element towards the end though. The three potential antagonist-suspects of the 20-year-old incident are eliminated one after the other and the build-up towards the finale is intriguing. The characterization of a man who dons an animalistic avatar a.l.a mythological figure to protect the forest from supposed wrong-doers is indeed fascinating. However, this isn’t explored with enough clarity. Though the material in the hands of the makers is imaginative, the execution is choppy. The thread about the raunchy personal life of the cop is a total waste of time in the bargain for a few sexual thrills. A smarter, crispier screenplay could have saved the day for Bhram. Sangeeth Sivan, the director, is as usual very original with his idea. He had the potential to make it a consistently engaging series but only manages to craft a modest outing that doesn’t rise beyond the surface. The credible performances are somewhat of a resurrection act.

Music and Other Departments

Technician contribution-wise, there’s little to complain about Bhram. The theme song is mysterious and captivating, so is its edgy background score lending enough tension and vigour to the narrative. Vidushi Tiwari as a cinematographer is quite good at her job while capturing the enigma of the landscapes beneath their visual beauty. The writing is generally neat, but it’s the ambiguous narration where the series suffers the most.

Final words

Zee5 BHRAM has jaw dropping moments of scare with eye popping visuals that has snaky turns on love, compassion, guilt and redemption.

Bhram was a disappointing Horror Web Series from my side. I dont know why always most of time Indian horror genre fails . And all the time same old stories and adult scenes. Indian Horror cinema should focus on more new story and try different thing etc.

I will rate this Web Series 3/10.

Story byMK Hari Kumar
Directed byAmit Bathija
Deeksha Rana
Sangeeth Sivan
StarringKalki Koechlin
Sanjay Suri
Bhumika Chawla
Music byJustin Yesudas
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes8
Executive producer(s)Lucky Sharma
Camera setupVidushi Tiwari
Akhil Sasidharan
Original networkZee5
Original release18 September 2019 –

The Verdict – State vs Nanavati (2019) Indian Web Series Review

The Verdict – State vs Nanavati is an upcoming 2019 Indian Hindi drama mystery web series created and produced by Ekta Kapoor under her banner Balaji Telefilms for her online streaming platform ALT Balaji. It is also available on ZEE5. The series stars Manav Kaul, Elli AvrRam, Sumeet Vyas and Viraf Patel as protagonists


The series revolves around 1959 Indian judiciary case, K. M. Nanavati v. State of Maharashtra where an Indian Naval Command Officer, Kawas Nanavati is accused of murder of Prem Ahuja. The series explores how when Nanavati returns home after a successful mission just to find out that his wife Slyvia Nanavati is having an extra-marital affair with Prem Ahuja just because he cannot fulfill her desires as he bound to stay on his duty. The series is an intriguing tale of jealousy, murder, mystery, political drama and Indian judiciary.

My Personal Thoughts

The Nanavati case has always enticed the filmmakers since the 60s and warrants their interest even today, and the reasons aren’t quite surprising. There is no better example than this innately flawed story to prove that reality can be stranger than fiction. For the uninitiated, the case revolves around a naval commander Kavas Nanavati, who murders a big-time socialite Prem Ahuja, after he finds out about his illicit affair with his wife Sylvia. Thanks to the patronizers within his community, he is held innocent owing to a mercy petition after being prisoned for a brief duration. The Verdict is a celebration of the human flaw, deceit, loopholes in the Indian judiciary, culminating into a no-holds-barred courtroom drama.


Though Manav Kaul may be seen as the central protagonist of the series, it wouldn’t be tough to label Sumeet Vyas as the show-stealer. The latter brings a lot of dynamism into his characterization, balances the sarcasm and arrogance in the criminal advocate with the right intensity during the courtroom arguments. Manav Kaul more or less underplays the role of Kavas Nanavati, yet the show needed an actor whose screen presence was much stronger.

The actor stays true to the nature of the role but it isn’t any power-packed act either. Elli Avram emerges the surprise package of the show, with her Anglo-Indian accent done right, backed by her impressive range of emotions, depicting the plight of a tainted wife who goes through the motions after her relationship with her husband turns sour. Makarand Deshpande is another bright spot of the series, as a small-time lawyer representing Prem Ahuja’s family. He brings an underdog flavour to the role and impresses with his uncanny comic timing in even the most intense of situations.

Kubbra Sait, as the sister of Prem Ahuja, is expectedly sharp, but her transformation from a feisty woman to a God-fearing sadhvi seems rather strange. Saurabh Shukla, as an editor of a daily known for its gossips than its news, sleepwalks through his role with ease. Kabir Bedi lacks the firepower and the dramatics one would expect in an advocate and his pale dialogue delivery too doesn’t help him much.

Sumeet Vyas & Makrand Deshpande stand out in performances. Both of them are excellent.

Sumeet’s comedy timing is terrific. Even though the comedy is very subtle and will not make you laugh out loud, it’ll surely bring a smile on your face and Sumeet’s performance has a big part to play here. As Ram Jethmalani, he looks handsome in the flashback portions and totally unrecognisable in the current time. He aces the clever side of Ram Jethmalani and is convincing enough.

Makrand Deshpande as lawyer Chandu Trivedi has an interesting character to play and he does full justice to it. He has never been seen before in a character like this and it’s a delight to see him acing it.

Other actors like Manav Kaul, Kubbra Sait, Sourabh Shukla, Angad Bedi are also good so far. Looking forward to seeing more of them. Elli AvrRam looks gorgeous.


The Verdict is definitely among the better series produced by Zee5 and AltBalaji and makes good use of the various layers in the Nanavati case. While most films based on the incident have narrated the story through the eyes of the Nanavatis and have painted Prem Ahuja in a notorious light, this show offers a balanced perspective of either side involved in the historic case. Though the courtroom drama doesn’t pan out as interestingly as it should, the detailing creates enough intrigue in a viewer.

The show works reasonably well because it doesn’t take a stance on what’s right and what isn’t. The makers build the tension surrounding the case exceedingly well, with a hint of sarcasm now and then. The timing of the show feels right because it involves a popular woman in an illicit relationship, who’s slut-shamed, questioned, blamed for her choices (which doesn’t seem to have changed much). It throws light on how the ideology of a society is influenced by its big boys in governmental bodies, who have little clue of gender parity and consider women either as sluts or as torchbearers of sanctity and nothing in between.

The series also throws light on the clashes between two communities – the Sindhis and the Parsis, talks about mob justice in a conservative society, character assassination of a woman in times before pre-feminism, the influence of media over the judiciary in an era before the dawn of social networking. Most characters in the series have been named after real-life figures involved in the case and unsurprisingly, it’s Ram Jethmalani’s no-nuisance attitude that catches your attention. The makers try to indulge in some unwarranted humour with his personal life too, like Jethmalani’s camaraderie with his two wives.

The length of the show is utilized to its advantage, for it gives the makers the time and the scope to explore the story in different dimensions. The effect of the case on children of Nanavati, his parents, the sister of Prem Ahuja who feels incomplete without her brother, is portrayed in impressive detail and the sincerity in the narration shows. The atmosphere remains engaging at some level but is not always arresting. The inner demons of the characters aren’t fleshed out visually, the facts seem to have been the focal point of this series over the human drama. The superficial performances too don’t help you identify with them as much as you would want to.

Music and Other Departments?

The music in the series is just adequate – in the ‘neither good nor bad’ territory. The cinematography isn’t quite extravagant but gives a good canvas for the drama to play out. The writing should have focused more on the emotions of its protagonist than trying hard to incorporate every single detail of the case into the show. That’s a reason why the show doesn’t reach the dramatic heights it was expected to.

GenreCourtroom Drama
Created byEkta Kapoor
Based onK. M. Nanavati v. State of Maharashtra
Developed byEkta Kapoor
Creative director(s)Baljit Singh Chaddha
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes10
Executive producer(s)Mayur Shah
Producer(s)Ekta Kapoor
Shobha Kapoor
Production location(s)Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Editor(s)Vikas Sharma
Vishal Sharma
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time18-23 minutes
Production company(s)Balaji Telefilms
DistributorALT Digital Media Entertainment Ltd.
Original networkALT Balaji
Picture formatHDTV 1080i
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original release 30 September 2019

Bard of Blood (2019) Indian Web Series Review

Producer (Shah Rukh Khan)

Bard of Blood is an Indian fictional spy thrillerweb television series based on the 2015 espionage novel of the same name by Bilal Siddiqi. Directed by Ribhu Dasgupta and produced by Red Chillies Entertainment, the series stars Emraan Hashmi in the lead role along with Kirti Kulhari, Vineet Kumar Singh, Jaideep Ahlawat and Sobhita Dhulipala. It is a seven-episode series that revolves around the story of an ex-RAW agent. The series premiered on 27 September 2019 on Netflix.


Bard of Blood is a story of a Spy.

Story revolves around In Delhi, ex-RAW boss Lieutenant General Sadiq Sheikh is killed by a double agent. Sadiq’s killer is a man who knows too much and is part of a diabolical plot to create what might become the Third World War. In Mumbai, literature professor Kabir Anand is settling down into his new life, when a call from the PMO thrusts him back into the world he is trying hard to forget. A brilliant agent who served under Sadiq Sheikh, Kabir has been forced to leave RAW because of a disastrous mission in Balochistan in 2006 that was undertaken as part of the Indian secret service’s covert support of the Balochi rebels against the Pakistan government. Kabir must now revisit those ghosts, avenge his mentor and face his deadliest enemies—Mullah Omar and the ISI—while racing against time to save his country.”

Bard of Blood, following a specific, formulaic, espionage template, tries to go for a human-heavy-on-emotion angle. We find that the relationship between the former mentor/father figure and Anand has soured, a mission that went south to – you guessed it – Balochistan. Nobody trusts anyone. Anand has a crime to deal with himself, having lost a dear friend and partner in an ailing mission in Balochistan.

He now teaches English literature at a college in Mumbai. Of course, we are not surprised when the competent student is ready to go on an evil mission to do his teacher’s bidding. He is almost relieved for an analyst – Isha Khanna (Sobhita Dhulipala), who had no prior field experience to come for a ride. Certainly, to complete the more merger, and trifecta, Veer Singh (Vineet Kumar Singh), a sleeper enters the Indian agent who moonlights as an opium smuggler on the Pak-Afghan border. So far, so good.

So, one of the Kabir agent plan to go to and other Balochistan 2 agents also get ready. And they by hook and crook gets in Balochistan and later they team up with BAF party of Balochistan. In between her ex gf Jannat from party of BAF gets die by one of the Terrorist Tanveer Shehzad. And in anger Kabir plans again to take down Taliban leader Mullah and other members. So, Kabir and BAF in last they caught Mullah and kill him but Mullah son Aftab run away and agent Kabir cant able to take down his son. And finally he go to location of Shehzad . And Kabir kills him and rescue other 3 three agent because one of agent got killed in starting only be second in command of Taliban (Aftab).  Kabir gets revenge of Jannat also and get back to team and American gives back ticket to go home India. And they were welcome by other Raw members. Later Kabir got a call from Shehzad phone. From person who was on graveyard of Sadiq. He tells him I am in danger I know I cheated my country for money now I regret please help me Kabir. In front of Kabir someone shoots him on head. And he dies and Kabir chase him and later he sees it was his friend Vikram who was died 5 years ago. He gets in shock and Vikram gives evil smile and gets away from him.

My Personal Thoughts

Bard of Blood, created by Bilal Siddiqi (from whose novel the series is adapted) and Gaurav Verma (producer of Ittefaq and Badla), gives us a hero who isn’t just another vengeance-seeking crusader. It is redemption that he is after, driven by the memory of a fallen brother-in-arms, Vikram (Sohum Shah), for whose death he blames himself. “Stop feeling guilty for Vikram, Kabir,” his boss, the Indian spy agency’s second-in-command, Sajid Sheikh (Rajit Kapur), advises him, trying to draw him out of his shell – and back into action.

Kabir’s decision to make a comeback is prompted by another ‘personal’ tragedy. As luck would have it, he is once again in danger of becoming the fall guy. But this time around, the blow enthuses him to swing into action. He teams up with Isha Khanna (Sobhita Dhulipala), an analyst in India’s spy agency, and Veer (Viineet Kumar), an undercover agent in Balochistan.

Somebody close to him asks: Why dig up old graves, Kabir? “To bury my past once and for all,” he replies. Balochi secessionist and artist Jannat (Kirti Kulhari) goes a step beyond. “Don’t dig up old graves,” she asserts. “I have to. I have to bury my past,” says Kabir. Strangely, the Kabir Anand back story does not go very far into the past.

He is no ‘family man’ and we have no clue about his antecedents beyond what happened five years back. All we know is that after his unceremonious exit from the spy agency, he teaches Shakespeare in a college. Exactly how he landed the job is a mystery. We can only surmise that Kabir is a literature grad who strayed into the world of spying. In one scene, he does let on that his mother was a Shakespeare teacher. But given the yarns he spins to conceal his identity we have no way of ascertaining the veracity of that info.

But while personal arcs are largely kept out of the frame, the gender question inevitably arises with regard to Isha. Seeking a mission posting, she has faced rejection four times on the grounds that the field is “too sensitive for a female officer”. The first time she fires at an enemy, her hands are unsteady. Veer describes her as “the weakest link”. Kabir springs to Isha’s defence. As the mission faces hurdles, there are times when an otherwise phlegmatic Kabir loses his cool. But his ire makes no distinction – it is directed equally at Isha and Veer.

The only time that Isha is allowed to express any sort of emotion is when she bids goodbye to her mother. I am off to Goa for a break, she lies as she heads to the door. She pauses, returns and hugs her mother. “I love you, mom. I don’t say it enough,” she says. But once she lands in Kandahar on her way to Balochistan, Isha is back to her inscrutable best.

Veer is himself on a sticky wicket. He has been all but forgotten by his agency and left to rot away in Balochistan. We do learn that back in his village in Punjab he has a father who is steadily losing his memory, a fact that lends urgency to Veer’s yearning to return to India and meet the old man before he forgets his son.

Bard of Blood does not shy away from dwelling upon India’s meddling in Balochistan. At least three characters in Bard of Blood, including Jannat, a woman caught between a teenaged brother and a husband fighting for control of an outfit of Balochi rebels, represent the voices of resistance who receive active support from the three-member Indian mission team.

The principal antagonist is a Pakistani secret agent (Jaideep Ahlawat, constantly moving back and forth between the derisive and the diabolical, and much else in between, in the flash of an eye). This venom-spewing villain believes that “spies and cockroaches thrive in darkness” and once a spy is exposed, he is no more than a mere cockroach. But Bard of Blood isn’t so much about squashable creepy crawlies as about beasts of prey on the prowl.

Among them are the Taliban supremo Mullah Khalid (Danish Hussain), modelled on Mullah Omar, and his hot-headed son, Aftab (Ashiesh Nijhawan), who ratchet up strong jihadi sentiments in the region and vent their hate upon the quartet of spies in their custody. The war that Kabir and his colleagues wage is two-pronged and staying ahead of the curve is the difference between life and death.

Bard of Blood is another terrorist series like other terrorism series. Recently before this series Amazon Prime launches a series similar on Pakistan and Balochistan. That series name was Family Man that is also one of the Indian series. But I think Family man was more better then Bard of Blood because in that we see many types of genre inside like happy, comedy, relation, sad and seriousness but in Bard of Blood we only see seriousness only and no development in other things. So, from my side Bard of blood was ok and watchable. But the acting of Emraan Hashmi was very good. So, I will rate this Web Series 7/10.

Genre Thriller
Based onThe Bard of Blood
by Bilal Siddiqi
Directed byRibhu Dasgupta
Starring Emraan Hashmi Vineet Kumar Singh Sobhita Dhulipala Kirti Kulhari Jaideep Ahlawat Shamaun Ahmed
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes7 (list of episodes)
Producer(s) Shah Rukh Khan Gauri Khan Gaurav Verma
Camera setupSingle-camera
Running time41–50 minutes
Production company(s)Red Chillies Entertainment
Original networkNetflix
Picture format4K (UHDTV)
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original release27 September 2019 –

Boss: Baap of Special Services Indian Web Series Review (2019)

BOSS: Baap of Special Services is a 2019 Hindi action, drama, mystery, romance, and thriller web series. The series stars Karan Singh Grover and Sagarika Ghatge.

The series was created by Filmy Paltan and developed by Ekta Kapoor. It is written by Ghalib Asad Bhopali and was directed by Ankush Bhatt It was produced by Filmy Paltan and ALTBalaji, which is led by Ankush Bhatt, Ashish Kapoor and Ankur Ghai. The series also stars Ayaz Khan, Dalljiet Kaur, Gaurav Gera, Kanika Maheshwari, Sonali Raut, Karol Zine, Anveshi Jain, and Tarun Mahilani in key roles. It is available for streaming on ALTBalaji and its associated websites.


Story revolves In Shimla, the crime rate suddenly rises unexpected and the local doesn’t co-operate with the Police. The Police Chief of Shimla appoint a Special Task Force a team of five officers to control the crimes in the city. A specialist Officer was joined in the team from Delhi. A con-man changes his identity and join the Special Task Force to find out his kidnapped daughter and the identity of balloon man. The series is based in Shimla’s where an con-man inspector/detective Sudhir Kohli aka Keshav Pandit (played by Karan Singh Grover) who changes his identity to joins Shimla’s Task Force to lead the team with ACP Sakshi Ranjan (played by Sagarika Ghatge) in solving criminal cases which make him the Boss – BAAP of Special Services because of his unique style. Detective Kohli is very smart person he makes everyone fool and fight criminals and solve those cases which leads to his ballon man who kidnapped her daughter. So slowly-slowly he gets to location of criminal and finds out that criminal is from police who is senior of Kohli and also most important Kohli is fake inspector. He kidnapped real Kohli to save her daughter from ballon man and his real name is Keshav Pandit. Later after knowing his suitiation real Sudhir also helps Keshav and in last Keshav and ACP Sakshi caught his senior and arrest him. And in last Keshav takes her daughter in police bus without knowing Sakshi and in the end she says in Indian language ( maan nah padega yeah toh sabka Boss hai). In English it means she says he is Boss of everyone. And that’s how story ends.

My Personal Believes

Skip Karan Singh Grover’s mandatory sex scenes in every single episode of BOSS: Baap of Special Services and the web series — heavily inspired by Crime Patrol as it is — is still watchable. The unlikely pair of righteous cop Sagarika Ghatge and conman Karan go about solving a crime in every new episode. With limited thrill involved, Karan’s MO of getting vital information by sleeping with almost every female character in sight makes you cringe.

If you can fight off the urge to switch it off every time he starts taking his clothes off, you would want to stay with BOSS till the entirety of its 10-episode run. What keeps you hooked? The mystery involved with his character and the back story. However, it is at the very end when the show pays dividend.

The first episode begins with a clumsy bank robbery with one of the most inept masterminds we have seen recently, and Karan swiftly puts a stop to it with his kicks and punches. Fortunately, for the viewer, it gets better from there.

As the show progresses and Karan and Sagarika are shown solving one murder case after another, you are overcome with a desire to binge watch Crime Patrol instead. The show has almost a superhuman faith in Karan’s sex appeal and too little in theright treatment of the subject.

The treatment of the subject turns out to be a mess as its neither humorous enough to make you laugh nor romantic enough to connect with you. The thrill — something that is de rigueur for a crime show — is absolutely missing.

Karan perfectly syncs into the character of a depraved cop-conman and has no hesitation in getting cosy with a new hottie in each episode. Sagarika is fine as a no-nonsense cop, but her character pales in comparison. In fact, Karan’s character emerges to be so strong that it appears to be the only hero on the scene – in fact a superhero. The fantastic climax is impressive but only if the viewer manages to brave the mediocre drama till the end. Had the makers not tried to make it humourous, it could be a different ball game, a better one maybe.

Karan takes the centre-stage in a special task force deployed in Shimla to control crime. From never reaching the crime scene on time to sleeping with everyone in sight, Karan’s Inspector Sudheer Kohli is everything a cop shouldn’t be. His behaviour doesn’t win him any brownie points with his team lead – Sagarika’s ACP Saakshi Ranjan — but his success rate and the ability to get inside the criminal’s mind keep him in the team.

So, what keeps a character like Sudheer Kohli going? The fact that he is not a cop but a conman who joined the force under an assumed identity to search for his kidnapped daughter. While the show fails as a procedural, the story of Sudheer and his compulsions keep BOSS moving as a show.

BOSS Baap of Special Services Web Series Leaked Online to Download by Tamilrockers:- Cast | Crew | Release Date | Trailer | Budget | Box Office Collection


Here, besides the sexual overtures, writers have taken creative library by also letting Keshav repeatedly break the chain of command (investigation on his own). Had any real khaki guy done the same, he would have got the boot.

The entire story has been crafted to make Karan look like a super smart dude. Yes, he does justice to the written material, and the womanizing part also goes well with his casanova image. One different angle we liked was his bonding with his small daughter. Age is catching up with Karan and it is good to see that he is playing mature roles.

He is also shown to be a ruthless killer and that leaves you with the moral question whether it is right to show crime paying off. Maybe, in an attempt to balance the above negativity, he is also given a moral compass (letting someone who was forced by circumstances to commit murder get away).

The story also brings into sharp focus the issue of cop rivalries, and how slipshod investigations often lead to culprits walking free.

Sagarika is doing a good job as the no-nonsense cop. Interestingly, she has no bold scenes, which normally is the norm with most web leads.

s sex the easiest route to attract attention on the web? Well, this seems to be the main takeaway from most ALTBalaji shows. Boss Baap of Special Service (produced and directed by Ankush Bhatt) is no better.

Daljit Kaur has a small but significant role towards the fag end. She is ably supported by Mahesh Thakur and Pravina Deshpande who plays her mother.

We expected much more from Gaurav Gera, but he was hardly there. Ditto wih Ayaz and Tarun, who were there just to add more punches to Keshav’s below the belt cracks (jokes about sexual position). Mazhar Sayed was good in his small role. We liked the way he portrayed the cold calculating jilted husband.

Director Ankush has done a good job of fusing the above sex requirement with crafting an edgy thriller towards the climax.

One good thing was that unlike many web series, which normally end the first season incomplete, hoping for season 2, here the first season has a clear end with a possible chance of a sequel if numbers come. Also, here the lovemaking sequences were not explicit and there was no nudity.

We liked the crime-solving abilities (putting tracking chip in the bag) shown and it made for a good whodunit, but too much emphasis on sexual elements at first was a dampener. The problem with India is that unlike the west where sex blends with the narrative, here it seems forced.

There is a scene where Keshav passes a double meaning dig at a judge. Agreed, he wanted to be sent to the slammer, but it seemed coarse. And we don’t think that you can get away with such rank contempt by merely paying a fine.

The Shimla outdoors gave visual beauty.

In closing, if the makers wanted to copy the James Bond template (as they claim), they should have used more gizmos and better stunts. Merely copying the doing part is not good enough.

The setting is Shimla, where you have the police commissioner (Mahesh Shetty) putting together a crack unit of cops to deal with rising crime in the city. Enter Sakshi (Sagarika Ghatge), along with Asif (Ayaz Khan) and Johnny (Tarun Mahiliani). They are soon joined by conman Keshav (Karan Singh Grover), who takes the identity of a cop to join the above team.

Karan was introduced busting a bank heist which he and his associate, Jignesh (Gaurav Gera) were simultaneously trying to loot electronically.

In Shimla, Keshav is always a step ahead of Sakshi and co, and helps solve cases that mostly involve a sex angle (mms, gay relationship, etc.). He just can’t keep his pants up and ends up bedding just about any and every gal (they too are more than willing), but he can’t get to first base with Sakshi though he tries his best. How come she does not get him fired for sexual misconduct with a senior The first five episodes are full of lovemaking scenes and sexist and below the belt jokes. The story and drama (child kidnapping) only picks up from the sixth episode. Keshav has come for a purpose for which he is ready to do what it takes

BOSS Baap of Special Services Web Series Leaked Online to Download by Tamilrockers:- Cast | Crew | Release Date | Trailer | Budget | Box Office Collection
Created byFilmy Paltan
Developed byEkta Kapoor
Written byGhalib Asad Bhopali
Directed byAnkush Bhatt
Creative director(s)Ashish Kapoor
Ankush Bhatt
Baljit Singh Chaddha
StarringKaran Singh Grover
Sagarika Ghatge
Theme music composerPalash Muchhal
Opening themeBoss – Title Track
Ending themeO Ri Chiraiya
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes10 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Aakaash Berry
Mayur Shah
Producer(s)Ankush Bhatt
Ashish Kapoor
Ankur Ghai (ALTBalaji)
Production location(s)Mumbai, India
Editor(s)Vikas Sharma
Sunil Bhattarai
Peter Gundra
Preshma Bagahar
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time21-35 minutes
Production company(s)Filmy Paltan
DistributorALT Digital Entertainment Ltd.
Original networkALT Balaji
Picture formatHDTV 1080i
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original release 2 August 2019
External links
Production website
BOSS Baap of Special Services Web Series Leaked Online to Download by Tamilrockers:- Cast | Crew | Release Date | Trailer | Budget | Box Office Collection


First episode of this series available in Youtube watch it

The Family Man (2019) Web Series

The web series is projected to launch on September 20, 2019. Amazon Prime Video has revealed a proper look at its upcoming original show from India that features Manoj Bajpayee (playing Srikant Tiwari), a “middle-class man who makes an effort to strike a balance between the duties towards his family while working for a special highly-secretive cell of the National Intelligence Agency. He tries to prevent and spot huge-scale terror attacks on the nation and its people.”

Produced by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K., The Family Man follows in the same month as one more Indian thriller series comprising terrorists and spies—Netflix’s Bard of Blood, created by Red Chillies of Shah Rukh Khan.


The Family Man is an edgy action-drama series, which tells the story of a middle-class man who works for a special cell of the National Investigation Agency. While he tries to protect the nation from terrorists, he also has to protect his family from the impact of his secretive, high-pressure, and low paying job. The story starts from guy name Srikant who wants to save his country from terrorist name Moosa and Sajid. Because they are planning something big to blast in big cities. Sri team up with other intelligence people like JK, zoya, Kulkarni, Saloni and many more.

So one day finds out their is a mission about Mission Zulfikar. In the name of this illegal mission, terrorist are planning big to murder number of people. So Sri, tries to catch up these people and after sometime they found a person name Karim. He is one of the person hate India because he thing every muslim are tourture here and killed name of fake terrorism. So he plans with his friends to make eat Beef to MP Deshpande because he is the one who killed two of Muslim people for carrying Beef. After Sri misunderstood wrong that he is one of the terrorist guy and Sri shoots Karim and his friends. Later after opening Karim van he find out he was taking Beef not the explosives. He was trying to attack MP by making him eat Beef. Sri gets in depressed because of his wrong action and due to this he was given punishment to go to Kashmir instead of suspension. Because he is one of the best intelligence officer. Later in Kashmir he team up there also and fight terrorism with his old friend Saloni. And catches one of the leader of ISIS called Faizan who is giving order to Sajid. Even in this shown Pakistan is also involved in doing terrorism. In the end we see after win in Kashmir Sri backs to Mumbai.

And later he finds out Mission Zulifkar still not ended because Sajid and Moosa have other B plan to explosive in Delhi. Story now comes between Sajid and Moosa who plans to capture a manager of Chemical factory and by help of him he creates highly poisonous gas. Sri gets alert about it he send his team their and not able to find suspicious. But after that his team members find out and get back to factory and Moosa and Sajid successfully started gas. And later moosa and Sajid was on petrol pump and sees her mom is on news and Moosa gets emotional and tries to abort mission. But Sajid says no and starts fight and kills Moosa.

After sometime Sri arrives and know about the accident and found body of Moosa and he gets confuse although he didn’t know about that these 2 people successfully completed mission and soon Delhi will be rotten like a hell. So story ends up here most of things left unsolved we will see it in next season.

My Personal Thoughts

I think this series was ok and shown how terrorist are trying to capture world. And destroy everything, but their is a person shown a guy name Srikant who has so much love for country that he never quits his job. even everybody tries to revoke him do some private job u will get more money. But he was so determined about it that he never gets bore of his job and protects his nation. As we know if our country is safe then only other works can be done. These guys doing work for nation on less money and so much hardworking.

Again this is one of the Web Series of amazon which is on Terrorism like Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan was about terrorism only. Even in this month Netflix is also releasing his tv series on Terrorism known as Bard of Blood. And always Pakistan is triggered in movies tv series for terrorism. It shows their is a connection of Pakistan and ISIS in every films and TV series. The Family Man is a good show and with good acting as Srikant played by Manoj Bajpayee his acting was super good.

Have you noticed why this show knows as title The Family Man? because Sri always do works and tries to spend his time with family too and this shows its not easy to work for nation you cant be freely work or do fun. Because in this job u need to ready every time like whenever CODE RED shown Sri gets ready and go to office whether it is late night or early morning.

This Web series shown we should respect those people who dies for country. Direction and story line was ok. I didn’t found any new thing in it sometime this shows have comedy scene so, that we don’t get bore. Even show is on series matter. So, that’s all my personal believes.


The Family Man is ok show with ok story line as I think this story can be more great if there is good action shown in it like in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. I don’t know why Indian Tv series lags in action things or VFX. Still we can say this a watchable Web Series from Amazon Prime. Hopefully we will see season 2 of this show because lots of mystery is unsolved here may be we will meet with new cast or old cast. Lets see in future.


Apart from Bajpayee, The Family Man also features Sharib Hashmi, Priyamani, Sundeep Kishan, Gul Panag, Mehek Thakur, Vedant Sinha, Sharad Kelkar, Neeraj Madhav, Sunny Hinduja, Darshan Kumaar, Dalip Tahil, and Shreya Dhanwanthary amongst others. The 10-episode series on Prime Video was filmed partially in Ladakh. The Family Man is a creation of D2R Films, the banner controlled by D.K. and Raj.