Mix: Meisei Story (2019) Anime Review

Mix (Japanese: ミックス Hepburn: Mikkusu) is a Japanese baseball-themed shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Mitsuru Adachi. It is a semi-sequel to Touch. Its chapters have been serialized since May 12, 2012 in Shogakukan’s Monthly Shōnen Sunday magazine. As of August 2019, the chapters have been compiled into fifteen tankōbon volumes. An anime television series adaptation by OLM aired from April to September 2019.

Family Tree of Tachibana

Eisuke Tachibana (立花 英介 Tachibana Eisuke) Voiced by: Wataru Takagi (Japanese); Bryan Massey (English) Touma’s father, his marriage to Mayumi is his second. His first wife died when Touma was only three years old. He is rough looking, a bit of a goofball and a complainer, but he is also a hard worker, cheerful, and loyal to friends and family. He was a secondary pitcher at Meisei at the same time as Oyama and Sawai, never able to wear the ace number as a player. Although Sawai did gift him his jersey after he was injured.

Mayumi Tachibana (立花 真弓 Tachibana Mayumi) Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue (Japanese); Mallorie Rodak (English) The mother of Souichirou and Otomi, her marriage to Eisuke is her second. She was originally married to Keiichi Sawai and never knew of his connection to Eisuke until the second marriage began. She is a beautiful and charming woman but can get upset when her husband and Gorou drink in the middle of the day and disrupt the family’s dinner. She has a habit of telling everyone she meets about her family’s unique make-up.

Punch (パンチ Panchi) Voiced by: Noriko Hidaka (young), Nobuaki Kanemitsu (adult) (Japanese); Emily Fajardo (English) An energetic but fat Samoyed, as in Touch and H2. Katsu also had a family dog named Punch but it was, appropriately, a Boxer.

Keiichi Sawai (澤井 圭一 Sawai Keiichi) Souichirou and Otomi’s deceased father. In his first year of High School at Meisei he was chosen as the team’s ace pitcher over Eisuke in his third year. During the final game of the year his hand was permanently damaged and he never pitched again. Although he couldn’t play, he cheerfully stayed with the team for the next two years as a manager. When he married Mayumi he never told her about his playing days. He died late enough that Souichirou has some memory of him smiling when he gave him a baseball glove, but Otomi says she doesn’t really remember him at all.

Naoko Tachibana (立花 尚子 Tachibana Naoko) Touma’s mother, she died when Touma was three years old. According to Eisuke, she was the ace pitcher of her softball team, and a national tournament runner-up.

Haruka Ohyama (大山 春夏 Ōyama Haruka) Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa (Japanese); Madeleine Morris (English) Gorou’s pretty daughter. Upon entering Meisei she joined and quickly became a star of the rhythmic gymnastics team but because of a broken leg in her first year and the club being disbanded in her second year she was able to be the baseball team’s manager. When Haruka and Touma were both three and Touma’s mother died, they met at the funeral and spent the day together, at one point she punched him for being hyper and disrespectful and made him cry. He has no memory of this but she fondly remembers their short time spent together and has always wondered how he turned out.


Thirty years after Tatsuya and Kazuya Uesugi brought Meisei High School to their only appearance and championship at the National High School Baseball Championship, a pair of highly talented stepbrothers, Touma and Souichirou Tachibana, bring the possibility of a return to the Kōshien, as they learn of the Meisei High sports heritage of their fathers. So, The story revolves around 2 twins  who wants to win National High School Baseball Championship at Kōshien. 

So, Both of are known as king of baseball as two of them wants to fullfill their father dream as Meisei never won again championship after his dad died. Now they are fulfilling their father dream and doing hardwork to achieve that goal. So, one of the Tachibana brother he Touma is one of the beast ace. It is not easy to win the championship because there are many between teams. And these brother need to defeat these team to win competition it.

So, his older brother is quite popular in baseball and have a good respect in game. And also girls are mad on him. Younger brother is like treated as a normal player because he never given a chance to play. Actually these brother are step brother and one more thing older brother dad died. But in this Anime we have shown his step younger son his dream more persuading because he has more good skills then other older brother.

There is one more person in family who is our 3 lead character Otomi Tachibana. She is very good sister and encourage their brother to play game and help them. And she is quite popular in school and boys too. So, story slowly slowly develops and we found there is a one more girl who is kind a girlfriend of younger brother and daughter of coach for Meisei. Her name is Haruka Ohyama. She is very honest and supporting manager of Meisei team. These brother defeat the other team and even in last epiode we see they defeat the strongest team in Japan for baseball and story end here. Because still championship is not won by them and we will see more story about it and may be they win the baseball championship etc.

My Personal Thoughts

A nice and laid-back sports series about baseball that is similar to many other works of the manga’s author Adachi Mitsuru. It’s strength lies in the subtle and witty humor and the likeable characters.

But while I’m a fan of the author, I find the adaption not as good as it could have been. The production is lackluster and animation oftentimes limited. The even bigger problem lies in a direction that is unable to manage the transition from manga to anime. Being unable to find its own style, the series just seems to copy the manga – and with it the annoying habits of Adachi as the self-insertion of the mangaka or the leering fanservice that you can skip quickly when reading. And many qualities of the manga as the subtle humor somehow got lost or are not as good as in the source.

This leads to an anime that failed to surpass the manga. The creators should have studied Cross Game were it was the exact opposite. But it nevertheless is an entertaining series for fans of the author.

You see a player standing on home plate. Its in the same universe as Touch – another sports manga/anime (you don’t need to watch it beforehand – its pretty old now). Most people are going to probably take a look – see a sports anime – and walk away, but MIX isn’t just another sports anime. Its an Adachi-written sports anime.

If you haven’t seen an anime based off of Adachi’s manga here is what to expect:

Theres typically a decent amount of humor, but its almost always clean / Don’t expect too much fanservice – although there is usually some. Typically has some very good romance vibes going on throughout the show, but its not a romance really. More of a drama.

His characters and story drive the show. Somehow the storytelling manages to make baseball interesting for me. I’ve read the manga (which is ongoing) and the anime follows it almost to the letter with only slight changes. All of his other series are similar in characters/design/plot. If you like this show I highly recommend Cross Game although its really hard to find these days.

Typically theres a ton of buildup episodes to the actual games which then last 1-3 episodes. There majority of the episodes see the growth of the cast and dive into their relationships.

If you have seen work done by Adachi expect more of the same.

He uses similar art styles throughout all of his work for better or worse.

Great show so far with a decent cast of characters. Unlikely to finish anytime soon. Currently the manga has less than a hundred chapters and some of his series are 200+.

What’s great about MIX: a sport drama with interesting character development throughout the series, subtle humor, romance, and relationships, and just overall wholesomeness. Great art too, I found it fresh and different from most sport animes nowadays.
I didn’t know about Adachi (author) before watching MIX, but now I’m glad I know.
Give it a go and watch! Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. I will rate this anime 8/10.

GenreSports (baseball)
Written byMitsuru Adachi
Published byShogakukan
ImprintMonthly Shōnen Sunday Comics
MagazineMonthly Shōnen Sunday
Original runMay 12, 2012 – present
Anime television series
Directed byOdahiro Watanabe
Produced byKōji Nagai
Written byAtsuhiro Tomioka
Music byNorihito Sumitomo
Licensed byNA Funimation
Original networkNTV, ytv
Original run April 6, 2019 – September 28, 2019

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