Dabbe 5: Zehr-i Cin (2014) Turkish Movie Review


Dilek, a housewife suddenly starts to feel presence of something abnormal in a specific room in their house. Though her husband, Omer refuses to agree with her but situation become worse. They find out that, an ancient paranormal creature called Jinn, has cursed on Dilek. They seek for a way to cure her but instead they find out some shocking event of Dilek’s early life.


Starting in the movie we see a woman who gives birth after that a man comes and he takes away the child from her mother. And we see people sitting in a circle doing some ritual and after that, we see a child who was wearing a chain and he put some blood in cup. And after that white Fogg comes and we see another child sleeping in a baby bed. And after that chain boy keeps attractive to him and goes in dark and we hear a demonic voice.

And now real Dabbe 5 story starts in present-day Dilek always sees a bad dream in which she kills her husband. And by this, she gets haunted in dreams. One night she wakes up and she sees a woman showing number 7730. In dreams, she always use to take the name of Jinn Haris. After she wakes up and she says to her husband for the installation of cameras in the house otherwise she will not live n this house. Omer install 4 cameras inside the house and 3 cameras outside.

Jinn Haris. Haris was a fallen angel. he was one of the Horus god in Egypt. Haris Jin one eye can change the entire world and he is known as anger or evil eye. And people say Illuminati society started from here. Dilek ask Haroon how will I know my body is possessed or not. Then we see a chorus stone helps to tell jinn has possessed or not. Now I will tell how chorus stonework. If someone is possessed chorus stone will make see eye in parallel world this means he or she his possessed. After that Dilek tries this and we see she is possessed and this confirms she is possessed.

Then the next day go to Miss Belakis who is dealing with black magic. She says to Dilek to choose something from my hand and then she chooses and Belaskis says why you chose this she says like this only. And Belakis slaps Dilek and says, satan child.

Belkis go to Omer and Dilek’s house and finds out the closet and Belakis tells that this is the portal of coming Satan in your world. Belkis ask where this closet came from she says from my family and Belakis told from your family has done black magic on you. Belkis told there is not one Jinn in your house there are many Jins in your house and all are toxic black magic known as Zehri-cin- Poison of soul

We see a man name Yaseen and he says you were only child given birth and soul trade was done. In the first scene like I told you.

And after that, we see Omer and Sheda had an affair and that was quite shocking. and after that, we know Dilek has some illness which even doctor no one can cure it. So their parents know about jin who puts illness in another child through yakaza jins. In starting of story ritual was done for Dilek only and to put illness in another child’s soul. The small child who has chain it was Yaseen only. Yaseen was known as Jin that time do fraud for money.

And by this all villager getting rich by doing fraud in the name of exchanging illness and giving decoys too Jins and someone told to yakaza jins that about Dilek and yakaza jins wants soul of Dilek back. Yaseen tells about cemetery of a child in which the soul was exchanged for Dilek. And now only Dilek can find out cemetery of that child and finally, she finds out. And after that Omer gets possessed and kills Sedha. Dilek can be saved from Jinn if she gives the body back to jinns. Suddenly Haroon attacks Yaseen and Miss Belakis attack Dilek.

Now real twist open Miss Belakis was only that mother he child was taken away for Dilek illness. And for that rage and revenge, she was finding Dilek from 30 years to take revenge of his child. And Haroon also told it was me who has done friendship for killing you and destroy you and in last Omer kills him and Dilek gets died through black magic of yakuza jins.

My Personal Thoughts

I think it was a good story and a good horror movie. VFX was not so good still movie was awesome from my side and in this story evil wins and good spirit losses. And I will be eagerly waiting for Dabbe Jinn more parts because Turkish movies horror movies have a good tye of violence inside and horror things. And even twist was also good and very shocking and I loved this watching.

I will rate this 8/10.

Dabbe: Zehr-i Cin (2014) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

Directed by 

Hasan Karacadag

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)  

Hasan Karacadag

Cast (in credits order)  

Ümit Bülent Dinçer Omer (as Ümit Bulent Dincer)
Nil Günal Dilek (as Nil Gunal)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Pelin Acar
Ömer Duran
Sultan Köroglu Kiliç
Murat Sevis Deli Yasin
Özbek Yildiz

Produced by 

Hasan Karacadag producer
Cemal Okan producer
Timur Savci producer

Cinematography by 

Serdar Özdemir

Film Editing by 

Hasan Karacadag
Mustafa Tasitman

Art Direction by 

Erhan Usta

Sound Department 

Kerem Aktas re-recording mixer
Eren Dönmez sound mixer

Visual Effects by 

Özgür Karagöz senior 3d artist
Serkan Semiz visual effects supervisor
Ozan Yildirim visual effects supervisor

Editorial Department 

Caglar Ozlek colorist
Mine Tekipek assistant editor

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